2016 Wrap Up!

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Well, 2016 has been a huge year for me personally and for work.
My family lost a couple of people who can never be replaced but we gained a few little ones too.
Paul and I have been doing the work/life juggle and it seems to be working out ok.
I’ve been on about 50 flights (no, really), 10 cross country trains and a cruise liner. I’ve visited NSW a few times, Tasmania, Central Australia, WA (lots), SA, England, Scotland, the USA (East and West Coast), Malaysia, New Zealand, Mexico, and France.
I recorded and mixed a record that just got named the 2nd best album of 2016 by The Age (damn you Beyonce!), I spent a month in Alice Springs where I’ve made so many new friends and a special album that I’ll let you know about next year. I’ve produced, recorded, mixed, co-produced, mentored, mentee’d, panelled, round tabled, discussed and talked crap about music, production, women in music, Australian music and much more.
Thank you to all of the artists who’ve booked me this year, I know how hard it is to get the money together and I appreciate the effort Co-cheĆ²l, Gordi, Rackett, Mike Lewis, Desert Divas and Sista Sounds, Shana Ray, Steph Hazzard, Dallas Frasca, The Peep Tempel, Andreas Wenzel, Smoke Rings, Ryan Downey, Froya. Thanks to MusicNT, MusicNSW, APRA AMCOS , Bush Bands Bash, GoingGlobal, Mix With The Masters, Guinness Amplify, Australia Council for the Arts. Shout outs to Catherine Haridy Management (Catherine & Kurt) for chasing contracts and doing the leg work.
Politically and socially I’m not really sure what the heck is going on, I thought we had learnt from the past and were better as a community, but it looks like I’m wrong.
Please look out for each other and spend Christmas with your loved ones. I know I’ll be raising a glass to you and your good health this Christmas! HAVE FUN!